Beckenham & Chelmsford Merger. 01.01.24

After many years of deliberation, we have taken the decision that from January 2024 deliveries from our Beckenham site will now be fulfilled by our Chelmsford site. IS&G has successfully delivered out of Beckenham for almost 100 years but unfortunately the site can no longer cope with the daily demands of steel stockholding. Rising costs of repair and the general practicality of getting steel in and out of the location has caused us issues for many years. After looking at our options we have decided instead of investing money into an ailing site that we would instead invest in our much larger Chelmsford site to enable us to service both Beckenham and Chelmsford customers from the one location. Chelmsford has a larger capacity to carry stock for both sites and also the added space will enable us to increase our product range. At Chelmsford we have far superior processing facilities and a much larger production capacity, and we are currently investing in extra saws to increase our processing capacity even further.

Over the last few months, we have been trialling deliveries out of Chelmsford to our Beckenham customers and we have succeeded in delivering to areas quicker and more efficiently than we could from the Beckenham site.

Please rest assured that there will be no change to the sales or admin teams and if anything, our customers will see further improvements in both service and quality.

Alan Leigh

Managing Director